Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey beauty,

How do you feel about dipping even deeper into a soothing state of acceptance? That is also a state of allowing. That is also a road to unleashing the most vibrant, alive version of you.

That requires nothing but, YES, to whatever is here right now. And only for right now. The sadness, in this moment. The headache in this moment. The joy, in this moment. Not needing to carry it into the next moment or the rest of the day. Because that’s what you know (or think you know) how it’s going to go. And we’ve been taught that we are supposed to know stuff.

But would you choose sadness all day just so you can be in charge of what happens next? And likely based on what happened in the past? Or, could you, can you, will you choose to be fully with the sadness. Be curious. Kind. Go easy with yourself… and see what happens next.

It might be three dolphins swimming closer to the beach than you’ve ever seen before. Jumping out of the water, in a show that feels like it’s all for you. An answer to a question. All is well. All is well. All is well.


Photo by Guillaume Meurice from Pexels

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