Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey boo. It’s the end of the day in my part of the world.

Where are you? Can you stop and take five deep breaths with long exhales?

That’s better.

Now, close your eyes and check in with your being and body.

Hello body, hello being. What do you need right now? What would feel good?

Some words of encouragement? Or a yes, I see you.

How about an appreciation of yourself for something you accomplished today. Laundry anyone? Bonus points if you washed sheets and towels AND made your bed. That’s a serious accomplishment.

And how about an appreciation of someone else. Yes, cats are someone.

Feel free to go on… the sky’s pretty wonderful, blue, gray, black, starry, rainy, snowy. Oh, snowy skies are the best. And the kind of silence that only a dark snowy night knows… well that’s magic.

Wherever you are, I’m wishing you well. You are loved.


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