Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello sweetness.

How are you feeling? Do you know? Take a moment to get still. Breathe. Deep and slow.

Now check in with yourself. Hello love, how are you feeling? In this moment. No need to go searching in the past or dive into the future. Not yet anyway. Let’s just start with this moment.

Hello you. I love you. As you are, right here. right now.

Melancholy, jealous, tired, exuberant, happy, mad, calm, awkward…

How wonderfully stimulating to acknowledge what is so. And it’s all perfectly ok.

Stimulating. percolating, brewing up the elements for what comes next.

What comes next?

That’s up to you! What would feel good right now? A walk, a warm cup of tea, a cold shower (yes that can feel amazing—when it’s over). Maybe some kind words are needed. Or more breathing. Only you know.

And then, and then, and then.

Trust yourself. Report back if you feel called.


P.S. Over the weekend I was listening to a podcast about Emotional Intelligence and SEL (social emotional learning). Naming what you’re feeling (I’m feeling so mad right now) helps you shift from the fight or flight part of your brain into the verbal part. This acknowledgement is also like a giant sigh of relief. A softening. An opening.

It’s not about “getting over it”, more of a relaxing in, and moving through.

P.S.S. Meela says hello.

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