Love Letters

Tuesday Love

Hey boo,

Yesterday, was self care Monday. For me anyway. I wasn’t lined up with writing a love letter. So I didn’t. That was my self care.

Today, is a new day! Thank goodness for new days.

Now I’m not sure what came first, how I started my day? (Meditation, exercise, cooling shower, listening to some inspiring words). That has me feeling tuned in. Or I’m feeling more tuned in so I’m doing those things that feel good?

I don’t know.

What I do know, is dwelling on it and trying to get it right so that I never ever have days where I’m tuned in out, doesn’t work. It’s a whole lot of efforting, cajoling and sometimes bullying that happens. Which does not feel good.

What a wonderful and conundrum.

And there’s not a right answer!

Well kinda, there is. There’s a process. Of learning to listen and sooth the parts of you that are showing up. How that looks, that’s up to you. It’s whimsical, capricious and best approached with curiosity.

No matter though, if you choose this process or not, you get love. You are loved. More than all the salty water in all the oceans and seas in the world.


End of story.


P. S. Here’s your weekly dose of Meela. She’s nearly alway on my lap when I write love letters. Basking. Reminding me how blessed I am to have so much love in my life.

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