Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo.

At this moment I’m drenched in divine wisdom from so so many generous teachers and wordsmiths.

My mind is doing a little doggie paddle to stay afloat.

It’s wonderful, if a bit dizzying.

Here is what I know. You are loved — beyond anything you can even begin to imagine.

It’s HUGE… the love that is surrounding you.

Pulsating, vibrating, throbbing (does that sound dirty, or is that just me?) Maybe thrumming is better.

Still your body. Close your eyes. Breathe.

Can you sense it? The vibration. Maybe it’s just a little tingle in your toes.

Love, love, love.


P.S. Here is a quote that’s got my attention right now…

“…The first step in acceptance is not knowing how to accept. The first step in happiness is recognizing you’re not meant to be one way all the time. The first step in empowerment is knowing your mind and feelings are allies, not enemies. The first step in worthiness is considering how you exist for far greater reasons than anything you can imagine… ” -Matt Kahn

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