Love Letters

Monday Love


Hello Love,

Imagine a magic genie has swirled her wand around you, granting permission…

For what?

Only you can answer that.

Don’t over think it, the first thing that comes to mind will do.

Take a nap you say… yum. Thank you.

Curse and scream… Roger that. (You can allow rage to move through in a way that is safe and does no harm to others. Scream when you are alone in your car, at your pillow, at the sky).

Sing, dance, wonder, play… yes, yes, yes.

And not to worry, that three wish thing was just made up to scare you.

You are granted unlimited wishes, so you can’t get it wrong, and changing your mind is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Change it as often as you need to sooth yourself through all the changing tides of the day.

It’s magic Monday!


P. S. I forgot to tell you how sexy you look this morning. Just thought you should know.







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