Love Letters

Monday Love: weaving a love story with yourself.

afterglow avian backlit birds

Hello beauty.

What do you do when your switch has been flipped and your triggers have you fired up?

Do you lash out? Do you lash in? Do you lash out and then lash in? That last one use to be me. Get steaming mad. Freak out. Feel like a horrible failure of a person.

Now, it’s more of an opportunity. I know the pattern. I know a little (or a lot) of self care and a good night sleep will bring a fresh perspective. I know that things are always working out.

I read that planets and stars are lining up this week in a way that might bring on such triggers. Knowing this, perhaps we can give ourselves a collective break. Take a deep breath. Understand that there is opportunity even in our triggers. Maybe especially in our triggers.

Remember, you get love. No matter what. You’re not alone. You’re kinda hot when you’re all fired up.

Now, what are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? Share them in the comments below. One for all and all for one.



P.S. In case of emergency, click here to:

 stop, drop and dance.

Loving this Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons Mashup. 




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