Love Letters

Monday Love

adult attractive background beautiful

Hey Darlin.

I wonder what opportunities have been bestowed upon you this day?

Did you say yes? Did you look for the beauty? Did you say hell no? Maybe you said… check back later?

It’s all good, whatever you said.

The bigger question, is how did you meet the one who said yes, no, beautiful, later?

Did you do it right or wrong? Was there a standard you were supposed to meet. Or maybe a judgement? And who decides all that shit anyway?

Still, all good.

Take another step back. Can you meet the one who’s thinking she did it right or wrong and say, hey, that’s cool. No worries. You’re learning. As students of life, we’re all always learning.

In fact, you’re doing a really great job. I’d go as far as to say you’re pretty badass.

So you can relax. Treat yourself to a cup of tea and a walk or a nap. Whatever it is, savor it, cause you’re worth it.





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