Love Letters

Monday Love:


Oh my love!

I’m out of breath and nearly delirious in my love for you.

The sky, grey or blue inspires a tickling in my tummy.

Delight tugs at the corners of my mouth,

at the merest thought of you.

You may wonder, could this be true?

Do you even know me?

The real me?

And I tell you, I know you, as I know me, which is often a tangle of known and unknown.

The allowing of it all, the known and unknown, that’s what lights me up.

The desire to keep showing up week after week. To keep allowing. Keep growing.

That’s our connection stirs in me.

Sometimes words can’t touch the feeling…

today, the feeling is appreciation.

For you.

Maybe the sky will have to do.


Today when you are out and about, take a moment to look up.

Take a deep breath.

Allow the wonder of you to sink in all the way to your toes. 

You are loved.




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