Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey Darlin,

You work so freaking hard! It’s no wonder you need a nap or a caffeine boost at 3:00 in the afternoon. And I’m not only talking about all the stuff we humans call work in this world. House work, job work, parenting work, partner work.

I’m talking about all the shiitakes running you ragged inside that head of yours. All the shoulds and shouldn’t haves.

Oh my love! It’s all ok.

You should not have done one dang thing better, or different. Nope, not even that thing.

Everything and everyone is your teacher and you’re theirs. If you were perfect (and you kinda are) you would rob anther of opportunities to expand into all that they are. And life would be super boring and predictable.

And you gorgeous, are anything but boring and predictable.

Vivacious, frisky, wickedly sexy, that’s more like it. You might as well own it and let the shiitakes fly.



P.S. Dance Party?  



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