Love Letters

Monday Love

You’ve come a long way baby.

And it feels so good.

… and still every now and then you get tripped up in some old doo doo.

… and now that you know what it’s like to feel so good, it’s that much more intolerable when you’re in the doo doo.

… and you’re trying everything to get out and it’s just getting worse.

Because you’ve come a long way baby. And the judgements about yourself in this situation are not kind. You know better the judge is saying.

… and the war you’re raging appears to be out there, but it’s really inside and you know it. The war is in the judgements that are being hurtled at you, by you.

But you know what. Shit happens. You’re onto the judge, the critic, the standard keeper. Tell them to bugger off. You’re doing a marvelous job.

Not because you know everything and you know you know everything. That’s a load of crap. It’s because you don’t know. Because you’re willing to not know. You’re willing to not be “right”.

… and to be right, in any given moment in honor of your own alignment.

I love you more than ever. You’re a freaking super star.

If this speaks to you, know that you in this story is me right now. I’ll not say it’s me today, because things can change in an instant. It’s just me, right now in this moment.

… and in fact, I’m feeling a little lighter already. Now that I’ve called the judge out.


P.S. I had to step out in the middle of this post to drop my sweetie at the rental car place. On the way home, the tides began to shift in a delicious direction. Then I received a text message of appreciation out of the blue.

Then I remembered, that which you appreciate is appreciating you. Back in the sweet arms of appreciation. AND, I couldn’t have gotten there a second sooner… you get there when you get there, but rarely does it happen by force. So give yourself a break. You’ve come a long way baby.

Photo by Shanice McKenzie from Pexels

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