Love Letters

Monday Love

Good morning most delightful one.

Oh how sometimes there are moments you’re itching to go! To bypass all the wonderful processes and rituals you’ve set up because they keep you feeling good…. meditating, journaling, moving your body and what not.

I say, if you’re itching to go and feeling frisky… Go.

Your rituals are there to support you not to become the boss of you. Once your beloved practices become a “should”, they become a little less beloved.

Those of you who are gasping, but if I let go today it could all spiral out of control ending in a pile of sloppy goo.

Really. Are you that easily pulled from your heart’s desires? I say no. No you are not. You’re strong and focused and brilliant.

Follow what feels good. And if you’re feeling frisky and itching to get started, follow that.

Your loving rituals, will welcome your return with open arms and a warm embrace… tomorrow or the next day, maybe even later this same day.


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