Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello my sweet,

What part of you is here right now in this moment? Breathe her in. Whisper yes, I see you. I’m with you. You are not alone. What do you need my love?

What do you need to feel soothed, connected, at peace?

Yes, you can feel at peace, anytime. Any place. When you tend lovingly to the part of you who is here.

Can you give her what she needs, this part of you who is here, right now.

Knowing that this visit will not last forever. Only this moment in time.

And this moment in time is a gift. Pay attention. This moment in time is offering you a great opportunity!


I love you.

I see you.

What do you need?

Everything is ok.

You are ok.

Breathe. Follow your breath. Breathe some more. Exhale a long deep sigh.

Hello body. I adore you. Thank you.

Mmmmm… I have a feeling this is going to be a very good day.


P.S. If your day is such that what you are needing is to go into a closet and have a big old curse fest, or a cry, do it! You’ll feel better.

Image by auenleben from Pixabay

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