Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello Sweetness.! I have a fun game for you.

I know it’s fun, because I’ve been playing it all morning… a test run if you will. Yes, I try out my crazy ideas before sharing them.

It’s a chill the heck out, recalibration game.

And it’s simple. For the next 48 hours (24 will do) but I think you’re gonna want 48…. hand over all your worries to Uni. Uni the unicorn. Uni the Universe. God. Source. Whatever or whoever jives with you.

It looks like this. Hello Uni, I’m handing over my worries for the next 48 hours. I need a little break from trying to control everything in my world in attempt to keep stuff from going wrong.

This includes me. In the next 48 hrs, I will judge nothing I do as wrong. In fact, I’ll even give myself a pat on the back now and again.

Everytime I catch myself worrying about something, I’ll remind myself, hey, you don’t need to worry about that right now.

For example, if I’m finding people kind of irritating lately, no biggie. Long lines at the market, go or don’t go, but either way, not gonna worry about it. This strange new world we live in, yep for 48 hrs, nothing to worry about it. It’s going to be ok.

In two days you can worry all you want.

What this does not mean: throwing out all the safety measures you’re taking that make you feel safe. Doing them makes you part of the solution. Do them, and don’t worry about it.

I love you. I love you. I love you.


Photo by mark glancy from Pexels

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