Love Letters

Monday Love

Heya sweetness.

My energy is low here and now. And that’s ok. I still have something wonderful to share with you today. So here goes…

I woke up this morning and meditated on the word focus. It’s a meditation called Bhāvanā. In this practice you think of a quality you wish to be filled with and steep in it. Like a yummy infused tea. I did this for 15 minutes.

This meditation comes from a book called The Radiance Sutras, by Lorin Roche, PHD. There are many wonderful words and practices in this book. But it’s not the main thing I want to share with you.

The next thing I did, was an exercise from Abraham/Hicks. Quickly listing some things that I desire, and then lingering over why it is I desire them.

The feeling that these desires when satisfied will bring.

I was pondering how it would feel to live in, and trust the knowing of my body. The strength and well being of my body. Not because something is wrong, but because sometimes I get scared it is. Oh the freedom of following the wisdom of this gorgeous vessel of mine! It feels fun. And light. And kind of tingly. Less noodling and more being. I did this for about 10 minutes.

Ah, a theme is forming…. steeping and lingering in delicious things. A few minutes here. A few minutes there.

This is also not the exciting thing.

That comes next.

When a dear friend shares with me a recent meditation experience she’s had. A meditation where she tuned into the cells of her body. There she learned that they were joyfully and enthusiastically taking care of business.

They were happy to be doing their job! And knowing that brought her relief. And it brought me a smile. I asked. I recieved.

This is for you too my love. In case you are needing to remember it today.

I love you. If you need a nap. Take a nap. All is well.


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