Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey koo koo ka choo.

Wanna play a game?

This game comes from the book That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You To Seek, by Cheri Huber, a teacher of Zen.

Grab some paper and your favorite thing to write with. (Games are more fun when you enjoy the game pieces). You with the favorite Monopoly piece (the iron) knows what I am talking about. Don’t get hung up on the iron thing… I don’t actually use one in real life.

The game:

  1. List three character traits which you consider undesirable.

2. Own these traits. Ooo, ouch. I know. Keep going. Allow yourself to see how you exhibit each one. Write it down.

3. See if you can in no way, disapprove of yourself for having those traits. This requires giving yourself unconditional love and acceptance.

“Rejection does not lead to compassion. For example, if I have a better idea about how I should be (more compassionate about others) and I go through the process of rejecting myself every time I don’t meet my standards, I will never find that compassion.” –Cheri Huber

Let me repeat that, one process does not lead to another. Rejection, denial, shame, or punishment do not lead to compassion.

Can you reframe these traits in the eyes of love? Can you love your selfish, judgemental, petty self, just because, you get love. No matter what.

That’s the game. I played today and it was a pain in the ass, at first. But I know the freedom that can be found in this game… so in I went.

Tomorrow, in a bonus love letter, I’ll share some of what I discovered.


P.S. You Rock.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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