Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello Lovely,

A gentle reminder today. All that you wish you were, you already are.

Perhaps you can’t see it. Yet.

It may be covered up by some drab layers of protection, confusion, misunderstanding. But know. All that you are is all the protection you need.

Perhaps that’s one of the misunderstandings. That there’s something wrong with all that you are.

No need to fuss if you don’t see the whole vibrant, strong, soft, smart, rich you yet. Just know it’s so. You are vibrant, strong, soft, smart and dripping with riches.

And then watch for the all the little moments you reveal yourself. Because they are so bright, these parts of you, they must shine.

I love you. Where ever you are on this cosmic trip, it’s the right place to be.


P.S. What you appreciate, appreciates you. Today I’m appreciating these lilacs. I stop for a whiff everytime I walk by. Soooo good!

How about you. What are you appreciating today?

And this! Is there anything more perfect than this thing we’ve named a weed???

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