Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello Love!

Imagine this. You are enough. Everyone around you is enough. We’re all equal to our life experiences. We don’t need to fix or change or “help” ourselves or anyone.

In fact.. getting all up in someone else’s business will be doing them a disservice. It may suggest that they’re not enough or equal to their life experience.

We have what it takes.

Does this mean getting rid of all acts of generosity and kindness? Nope. It does not mean that.

You can discern the difference. I’ll leave that to you. Here’s a clue though… notice how you feel— when you do what you do.

While we’re at it, let’s leave guilt out of the equation. It’s an energy drainer.

Now breathe yourself into this moment. Possibility, vitality, inspiration. Maybe even a feeling of love and appreciation. For this day, this life, this breath.

Breath like this for as long as long as it feels comfortable— and then a few minutes more.

I love you. It’s such good fun to have a playmate like you!



This is where I am right now. My family lake house. Here there are lots of opportunities to practice this idea. And it’s so so good!

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