Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey babe. This might seem unusual and even harsh for a love letter. And, I assure you, it comes from a loving place.


Huh? You may be wondering.

This is for the part of you who enjoys getting lost in bullshit stories. Stories of lack, fear and other dramatic nonsense. The part who feels all cozy and safe in a life you’ve made sense of by making up nonsensical stories.

But there’s another part of you. The one who reads love letters singing about your wholeness, possibility, joy and the truth of who you are. That part of you is asking for more airtime. That part of you knows all is well. There is enough. Things are always working out for you. We are all equal to our experiences. The life you see around you is a reflection of where your attention has been. YOU HAVE ability to change your focus.

This is the part that is endlessly fun to play with.

And yes, it might feel a little boring sometimes as you release the dramatic stories you’re used to telling. Don’t worry—It’s a short lived transition period. And you might experience it again and again as you practice snapping out of it. Or, like me, you might smile each time you remember— oh yeah, this isn’t who I am.

I am whole. I am joy. I am possibility. I am…..


P.S. I don’t always smile when I catch myself in drama. Sometimes I get bored, frustrated or mad at myself. But smiling is where I’m at in this moment. Smiling more often at myself is where I’m heading. Here’s to hoping you’ll be joining me there. 🙂

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