Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey boo.

It’s Monday again. Feels like we were just here. How are you?

I mean really, how are you?

I know you’re fine. Truly, underneath it all, you are fine.

Fine as a frisky fox in a super natural forest of green, lush with giant ferns.

And yet, I wonder, are there parts of you that are getting stepped over or shoved aside to reach that fine place?

Causing you to live into a little lie each time you respond, I’m fine. And it’s disquieting. Numbing. Fucking annoying. Really. People are so fucking annoying. When you are living in this lie.

The lie is not that you are not fine. Cause you are. But perhaps you are also, broken hearted. Scared. Mad. Jealous. Confused. Uncertain. Longing…

It’s not necessary to tell this to everyone you meet. But it is the greatest kindness to recognize and acknowledge it to yourself. To allow your whole self to be as she is in this moment. To trust your animal body. She’s leading you, informing you, calling you. Loving you. Just as you are.

Will you love her back? Can you allow her to be? Hold her hand. Smile at her.

She’s breathtaking— yeah?


Photo by Swapnil Sharma from Pexels

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