Love Letters

Wednesday Love

Hey boo. I’m late to the dance. Or maybe, I’m just in time.

Yeah, I’m going with that. Just in time.

Hello. I freaking love you. My heart is bursting with sweet sweet love.

I hope you can feel it. Where ever you are. How ever you are.

You are loved. You get love. No matter what.

Now, here’s the best part. I didn’t feel like this yesterday. Or the day before.

I wasn’t feeling so great. Kinda yucky actually. And… I’m starting to see how I can’t always control when I leave connection. It happens. And sometimes I’m left wondering what the hell just happened? Why? Etc… which makes it worse.

Yesterday I gave myself a gift. The only thing on my “to do” list— to feel good. Now to be sure I am also incredibly blessed to be my own boss. I can create the time and space to do this.

And even if you’re not your own boss, you can do it too. Cause the game changer here is not chasing the WHY. It’s allowing and choosing to feel good. Maybe you’ll only feel a tiny bit better at first. I woke up a little headachy, which in my life can come with an upset tummy. Tylenol. Kombucha. A giant green iced tea. Easing up on my focus and intensity. Water color painting. Recreating with a pair of jeans. Playing my ukulele.

Yeah, I didn’t have to go to my day job. But it would have been ok if I did— cause even there I can make these small choices towards feeling good. And to be clear, these were all small choices. I wasn’t dancing on tables boisterously joyful. Trying to get there would have been miserable.

Hand on heart. Yep, I see you. You don’t like this feeling— of disconnection. It’s ok, my love. It happens sometimes. Nothing to fix. Nothing wrong here. This belongs. You belong. I love you— so freaking much.


Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

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