Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey boo.

This is your reminder that—

And yes, you are—

With super Ninja skills—

And because it’s Christmas (in my world)— how bout we gift ourselves a bit of fun, ease, relaxation, abundance.

Put your worries and fears and people you think are stupid, to the side for a moment (wrapped up in a warm, fuzzy, blankie). There’s nothing wrong with any of it.

Both can exist… tension and ease. Beauty and heartbreak. Both do exist. At the same time. It’s a matter of acceptance & focus.

Where ever you are, whatever you are celebrating (or not).


P.S. Thank you for indulging my silliness. I appreciate you so very much. I’m traveling today… and these are the messages I’ve been sending myself this week in preparation. My partner was not feeling well. I had a mini freak out. He got a COVID test. It was negative. I’m more relaxed (a little) and finding ways to be with all of me— that feel good. Plus I appreciate the opportunity to refine my focus. BIG Love.

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