Love Letters

A little bit of love…

It may be time to do away with the Monday part of love letters. Maybe.

It’s that time of year, to celebrate and take stock of the year gone by. I’m doing this in a zoom mindfulness retreat called Awake in the New Year. From the comfort of my living room.

Me and Meela contemplating the fire on a rainy night..This cozy space was created for the retreat – and I think will be here going forward.

What’s cool about doing this from home, is I get to practice awareness in the very place many of my (limiting) habits and beliefs are anchored. It’s so so good.

Here’s the invitation my love. Get some paper (or a beautiful journal) and give yourself 5 minutes to write down your victories from this past year. Notice if that busy body brain of yours wants to censor your list.

Next take 5 minutes to write down your disappointments and losses from the past year. It’s important to name them in order for them to be metabolized (a process that changes a substance so that it can be used) often to create something more beautiful. Holy Shit! KA ZAAM! Drop the mic. Whatever your words. This is a moment. Breathe. And notice, what’s happening with that busy body brain?

Did I mention how freaking gorgeous you are? Breathtaking. Capable. Resilient. Yeah. You are.

Finally, what are the lessons learned? The ones you want to carry forward and the ones to be left behind.

“Watch the stars (my love) and see yourself running with them.”

–Marcus Aurelius

I love ya boo. The you who is here in this moment. Exactly as you are.


P.S. While this week long retreat is already in progress, there is a day long zoom retreat in January. I’ve linked it here. Awake in the New Year.

I don’t receive any form of payment for this— it’s something I love and want to share… cause you might love it too. And you get love. No matter what.

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