Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo. I took a little detour on my way home from retreat. Got a bit lost on my way back here.

It was uncomfortable and wonderful.

That’s what retreat can do for you. Take you to places you cannot begin to fathom — until you’re there.

“There” being a foggy, in between kind of place for me, on this retreat.

My first reaction was resistance. Oh hell no. THIS is not what I was expecting. I don’t like this.

Retreat = Bliss.

Yes, and. Bliss comes from turning toward whatever is showing up.

It took me a while to turn toward. I preferred the crashing waves of the ocean below this cliff side paradise. So that’s where I placed my attention. And because everything is everything — the ocean, violent and angry, soothing and rhythmic, powerful, deep, feminine — was also the experience happening inside me.

I allowed myself to be lost, to flounder, to wander.

I’m starting to notice more spaciousness within. I’m excited to explore this spaciousness.

My hearts desire for you my love, is that you find the safety in yourself, so that you can turn toward whatever is showing up as your teacher right now.

You are gorgeous, powerful, contain unfathomable depths and magnetic energy.

I love you.


P.S. a couple pics from my drive home from Big Sur

plus me and my sweetie with a mystical snake

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