Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo.

What if….

In a parallel Universe…

You walked around at ease with all the wonderful contrast that life serves up. Confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way, you don’t shrink away from— anything. You wake up like an eager toddler ready to play. Get messy. Follow your curiosity. AND it’s normal to feel this way. Your shoulders are relaxed. You get the urge to skip at random moments, just because. Sometimes you throw rocks or toys or tantrums. And it’s just part of the day. When you’re done having your feelings, you’re done. Period. You’re ready for the next thing. Sometimes throwing rocks is fun.

Let’s pretend… you’re satisfied at the end of the day. Not because of what you did — but because of who you are. That you are. What would that feel like in your body.

Imagine that for a moment.

And breathe. The most important step in making magic – your breath.

Are you exercising your imagination?

Just for fun?

I’m getting lot’s of messages about this notion of imagination from all over my life.

And I feel I’ve some practicing to do. How about you?

Are you dreaming up any new dreams?

Love, love, love.


P.S. I’ve been invited to assist at a woman’s retreat at Esalen in Big Sur, CA next week. I’m over the moon at the idea of unplugging for a week. So no love letter next week. You’ll be getting your love vibrationally. Tune in! SWAK

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