Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo. Or maybe a more apt name in this moment is blue. It is for me anyway.

Hey blue.

That already feels a little bit better, even when it comes with tears that have been kept at bay by busyness.

Hey blue. I see you.

And YES.

I know, fuck. Just yes — to everything.

Close your eyes, Breathe. Put your hand on chest or your belly. Take another deep breath and slowly sigh it out.

There’s no need to get away from this feeling. Nothing to fix. Nothing to understand. Nothing to wrestle to the ground.

Take another deep breath and feel the sensations in your body. See if you can allow them to be without creating a story of good or bad. Just. Let. Them. Be.

This is what it feels like to turn towards – yourself. To allow. To stop all the effort and let yourself be.

If this is not where you are in this moment — can you still stop and allow yourself to be, as you are?

All of you is welcome here.

I love you.


P.S. Here’s a song I’m loving right now… maybe you’ll love it too.

Allison Russell

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