Love Letters

Monday Love


Hey beauty, you don’t have to be happy, fun loving, forgiving, composed, or thoughtful to get love…  Sure, these qualities feel nice.

But, you get love no matter what. In fact, if a tiny voice is suggesting that what you’re feeling right now is wrong, instead of denying, lecturing and beating this part of you into submission, can you get curious and playful?

Hold her close and consider, is there another way to see this part of you?

Passionate, spirited, fiery, wild. Feel the raw power, energy, raging life force that pulses through this part of you.

Wow. Here lies infinite creative potential.

Turn away from it, and you may find yourself feeling flat, uninspired and depressed.

But what should I do, you may be wondering, once I see all this?

Just notice. Give her hug, appreciate her and see her. And notice, what happens next.

I predict a bit of jauntiness in your next step.



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