Love Letters

Monday Love


Hello beautiful.

Whether things are feeling just right, or not quite right…

Stop, drop and breathe.

Whatever that feeling is, lean into it… for just a moment.

Keep breathing!

Ah yes, I see you. I hear you.

Breathtaking.    Raw.    Alive.

Trembling with aliveness.

Whatever it is, I am with you. To the end.

I believe in you.

Now go shake that sassy booty of yours…

Yep. Find the nearest bathroom if you’re feeling shy about it, if not shake it where you are.

Raise your arms over your head.

Scream (if you are someplace where you won’t get locked up for this)…

Hell yes!


Fuck this shit!

Or whatever words (or sounds) just feel so darn good.

You matter, and I love you. No matter what.


P.S. here is a great song for shaking your booty.

Me Too

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