Love Letters

Monday Love


Hey babe, first of all, you are totally as cute as that baby. Silly hat and all.

Just let that soak in for a moment, this sweet, yummy, innocent, vulnerable baby lives in you.

So does a great big world of “I don’t know”.

Cause I don’t.


And that feels raw and wild and terrifying and electrifying.

And when I am able to be with this deep love and this terrifying unknown, tears well up in my eyes… the majesty of this stupid beautiful life sweeps over me and I call it joy.

That cage, is all the ways we try to avoid the dark (stupid) places and wrestle the unknown to the ground.

Just sayin.

What might it look like if you were to embrace that sweet, innocent, yummy baby today, in you, and all around you?

Alright gorgeous, take a deep breath, and release it with a long slow exhale.

Damn, you are one sexy toddler.








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