Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey sweetness,

Yeah, I hear ya. There’s nothing like a stroll on the beach, waves washing over your feet to let you know all is well in your world.

The world you create. Cause you’re always creating your world.

And there’s nothing like the family you love beyond words, that can get you all jacked up. Cause that shit happens sometimes and that’s ok too.

And you know what. Social media is only for days when you feel good. Aligned. Happy. Seriously, if you’re the slightest off balance. Don’t go there. It won’t help. Well, if you’re extra selective it might. Like a curated list of instas to follow if you’re teetering on the edge. Maybe that could be ok.

And ya know what else, in this world creating scenario, it’s all how you tell the story. Be exceptionally generous with yourself in the creating of your world.

Cause, whatever it is, it’s not your fault. You’re doing the best you can. For reals. We all are. What it is, is your responsibility. Your opportunity. To tell a new story. A better story. A story that feels like a walk on the beach with waves washing over your feet. If you’re into that kind of thing.

You are stunningly gorgeous, rich beyond what lies in your bank account and let’s be honest here, you’re right. You are right. Maybe not about what or whoever is out there. But for you, in here. Yes. Yes. Yes.

See where that takes you.


Image by Ana_J from Pixabay

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