Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello love,

Some days I sit and no words come.

How wonderful!

Nothing to fix. Nothing to change.

All allowing.

There’s a buzz that comes with fixing and changing. It’s kinda exciting.

And then there’s this stillness. It feels more curious than exciting. Quiet.

And I sit.

That’s it. I sit.

And watch the tree outside my window. Watch the young boy walking by with his grandmother. Watch myself looking inside for something wrong with this nothingness.

And then I know. Nothing is wrong. That’s an old habit. And I turn to a new much more fun habit and begin to ponder the rightness of this moment.

The quiet. That’s not quiet. The stillness that’s not still.

And I wonder about all the ways that love surrounds me.

It’s been said that magic lies in questions. Not answers.

How about you. What are all the ways that love surrounds you?

You don’t have to answer. Just wonder.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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