Love Letters

Monday Love: kindness

Hello my love!

How will you be kind to yourself today?

Your breathtaking, magnetic, frisky self.

Start with a deep breath that reaches all the way to your gorgeous toes. Wiggle them a bit. Lift your arms over your head for another deep breath and wave them like your favorite tree in a gentle wind.

Feel that tingling sensation that is your juicy, alive, sexy bod appreciating you right back.

And ask, how will I appreciate myself today?

Perhaps a smile at the peculiar way you brush your teeth in the morning.

Or a nod to the deep wisdom that blossoms in you, the becoming of every little thing you have lived so far.

Maybe it’s your hand sliding over your hips and across your backside appreciating your soft feminine curves.

It matters not how. Just do it.

Yeah, I’m being a little bossy. So what?

Love you to the moon and back.


P.S. Here’s a teaching from the Radiance Sutras that’s lighting me up right now.

Photo by Irene Lasus from Pexels

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