Love Letters

Monday Love

Hello dearest one, the words I offer you today are about soothing the wild beast. The lovely, perfect, wonderful wild beast in you.

I’m doing my best to make the best of things.

We all are.

How generous these words are.

I invite you to repeat them often.

Whatever it is you’re doing. No matter how strange or counter intuitive or spot on it may be… you ‘re trying to feel good. As you continue to do so, see if you can find love and acceptance for every last part of you. Especially the parts hiding in the nooks and crannies of your being. Those rejected parts, when loved become part of the whole.

The whole is breathtaking. Achingly stunning. Alive.

This is what radical compassionate acceptance looks like.

And it’s the open window to freedom.

Things will get better.

And better.

I’m doing my best to make the best of things.

I love you my dear. Take good care this week.


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