Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey there sweetness.

As I’m sitting here sipping my home made chai latte, listening for the birds, I’m contemplating you. Seeing you in all your outrageous beauty. Out (side) the lines that have been drawn for you. By you. Rage. Because, yes. Just yes. Us. because we, everything, is connected.

Outrageous beauty. Good morning.

You are infinitesimally more than you know. More than enough. More and more to come. Yum.

That’s kinda exciting to contemplate.

Now how about 10 deep breaths to set this vibration abuzz. In and out through your nose. Slowly exhale the last breath and hold it out for a moment and feel the strength and aliveness in your body.

Oh my gosh. I love you so freaking much!


For you…

2 thoughts on “Monday Love

  1. Oh yes..I am experiencing the outrageous beauty of the Santa Cruz coastline. Beautiful white birds on long black legs, sharp rocky cliffs made soft by giant salty waves,
    Fallen tree trunks acting as bridges over cold bodies of water, the cartilage of a squid folded into the sand. 💕


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