Love Letters

Monday Love

Morning boo.

I love you.

Let’s set aside for a moment what a distractingly foxy mama you are.

It’s not what you do that I love. It’s who you are that I love.

I love the who you’re projecting. I love the who at the core of your being.

The who that shines so bright it’s blinding.

Are you scared it’s too much? Is that why you cover it up?

I love that part of you too. The one who’s hiding a little bit.

When I play hide and seek with the three year olds at school they run giggling and hide in clear sight. So excited to be found.

I see you.

I love you. The sad one. The outraged one. The jealous one. The joyous one. The silly one. The smart one. The feeling stupid one. The weird one. The lazy one. The stuck one. The one who wants revenge, The one who loves to laugh. The one who likes to feel good. All the parts of you are loved.

Here. Now.

So, breathe that in for a few moments. Breathe. Feel the tingling sensation in your hands, your feet, anywhere else you sense it. You’re alive. You are appreciated. And now, you’re vibrating. How cool is that?

Have a day babe. Whatever kinda day it is. You can’t get it wrong.

I love you.


Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

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