Love Letters

Monday Love

Hey boo.

Do you know how wonderful all that “yucky” stuff that you don’t want in your life is?

How the discomfort you feel is your guidance system at work.

How the flies in your garden are cluing you into a deeper issue that you didn’t even know about. An issue that’s keeping your desire for a lush, thriving garden at bay.

Metaphorically and in my case, actual flies.

And the solutions are waiting for you to find them. To focus on them.

Thank you flies.

Thank you challenging family members.

Thank you critical mind.

Thank you drought.

Thank you pandemic.

Thank you, you big wonderful, diverse, joyful, exasperating, intelligent, curious world.

I love you.

To the moon and back, a thousand times over.


Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

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