Love Letters

Tuesday Love

Hello sweetness. As the daylight shortens here where I live, and transforms the world around me, I’m taken with the magic of the dimming light. Walks, short and long are my favorite way to take her in. And the dancing light of candles casting shadows never fails to delight.

We are of the seasons, regenerating cells, death and birth, over and over again. Are you paying attention? Are you here? Are you celebrating the pulsing of life within you?

“And in her

starry shade

of dim and



I learned

the language

of another


Lord Byron

In case you forgot. You are loved. I love you. Keep Going.


P.S. …and for fucks sake, if you’re not celebrating the pulsing life within you – don’t beat yourself up about it! Just go for a walk.

Photo by Charles Parker from Pexels
Photo by PNW Production from Pexels

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