Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo.

Have you stretched your arms high today? Your body long. Feeling the connection from the tips of your fingers, to the tips of your toes. And everything in between. It’s all connected.

All the cells of your body are talking to each other — informing one another. And the master informer as I understand it — at this moment — is your thoughts. Thoughts that are reacting to sensations.

So what my love, are your thoughts telling your cells today? What stories are you spinning about the sensations you feel.

Are they allowed to be, these sensations? Do you meet them with a yes? A curiosity? A wonder?

Or, are they (sensations) met with resistance, judgement, fear, anger, frustration?

Maybe a little of each.

Just notice.

That’s all you have to do my love. Be the one who notices.

Maybe even smile back at her when you look in the mirror today.

Because she (you) is (are) luminescent, magnetic, spectacular.

Remember, you are made of same stuff as stars. You only need look up at night to see your brilliance reflected back at you.

I love you. To the stars and back.


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