Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo.

This morning I got an email — a marketing email. A yoga teacher I once studied with is offering a new training. I haven’t seen her in years and she looks amazing. So of course I stalked her on Instagram to see where she is  these days. Nothing like instagram stalking to get you feeling a bit funky. I know better. 

In fact I try not to start the day with my phone at all.  Meditation first. That’s my inspiration. Sigh. And sometimes this happens instead. No excuses today. No judgements either. Shit happens. I know which one feels better. Thanks for the super clear reminder. 

Ok, back to the stalking. At 49, this yoga teacher has the body of a freaking 25 year old. No joke. And if I remember her correctly, no filter. Dang. I feel a tinge of badness about myself and a wee inkling of inspiration that hey — this is possible. And an excellent reminder that comparison is the thief of joy.

That’s it folks. Nothing else to see here. Nothing to fix. Nothing to change. No great undertaking to make me a better person who meditates more and insta stalks less. Because honestly. It’s not something I do all that often. 

Will this “letting myself off the hook” open the gateway to sloth and debauchery. Probably not. I like to feel good too much. And that doesn’t feel good to me.

It’s your turn boo. How can you let yourself off the hook today?

I love love love you. All parts of your comparing, dispairing, judging, allowing, joyful, stilly self. Whoever is showing up in you today, — they get love. Bears and all.


Photo by Yelena Odintsova:

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