Love Letters

Monday Love

duckling on black soil during daytime
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Hello Sunshine,

I love you.

Every last bit of you,

Down to the tiniest, dark corner that you hope never sees the light of day.

Even you might not know it’s there,

as it’s more of an uncomfortable feeling, than a concrete story.

But oh, the temptation to tell stories about it!

To explain, justify, excuse —get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.

When really, all you need to do it be with it. Say hello. I see you. I love you. What do you need? What are you here to show me?

As the stories try to insert themselves (and they will), keep on lettin’ em go.

Come back to your breath. Back to your whole, completely loveable self.

Oh, Hi there.

Holy moly!

I am so in love with you.



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