Love Letters

Monday Love

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Good morning my love. What is it you do want?

The gift of what you don’t want, is it points you in the direction of what you do want.

Is it freedom, ease, playfulness, laughter, feeling good, feeling inspired, feeling alive and in love?

It all starts with a feeling.

So take a minute and check in, what are you feeling right now?

This next step, allowing, is really important. Can you welcome that feeling, no matter what it is.

Yes. Thank you.

It’s here to guide you. Either in a new direction or maybe towards more of something desired.

Now ask yourself, what is it I do want?

If you really want to milk it, think about why you want it.

I want… because it will feel good. Satisfying, connecting, inspiring, secure, fun, fresh, frisky.

Spend a little time in those feelings. Then notice, how do you feel? If you feel good, keep going.

If you feel not so good, you may want to practice more allowing (acceptance) of all the parts of yourself. You may want to practice more allowing (acceptance) of your desires, raw and unfiltered.

Repeat, as often as necessary.

I love you.






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