Love Letters

Monday Love

gray bridge and trees
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Hello there beauty,

Let’s see, who is here today?

Close your eyes, take in a few breathes. Check in.

Ah the one who wishes to joyfully get shit done.


I wonder, is there a standard keeper present as well? Or a judge?

Will there be forty lashes if there is no joy in getting shit done?

That won’t feel so good.

Or what if there is joy and nothing gets done?

Will you be sentenced to failure?

Yeah, that will feel kinda bad too.

So then, what’s one to do?

Pay attention.

“The quality of your life depends on the focus of your attention.”

Keep the desire. Joyful action is aligned action, it feels good.

Pay attention to when the standard keeper wants to come in and make you feel bad about your choices. The judge tells you what qualifies as joyful. The “stuff” you got done is not enough.

Notice that voice. Don’t believe it, just notice it. Then turn your attention to something that feels good about what you are choosing to do.

I love getting shit done. It feels so satisfying. So sometimes, remembering how good it feels to focus is joyful action. Sometimes, playing your ukulele in between each task is joyful action. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing for a whole day or three leads to the most inspired and joyful action.

And you know what’s most fun of all? It’s always changing! Yep, that’s how life keeps refreshing itself. It’s soooo good! New possibilities around every corner.

Only you know what’s right for you, right now. So take a moment and check in. Who is here? What does she need?

Remember, you get love. No matter what.








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