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Monday Love

My dearest one,

I cannot impress on you enough the importance of loving all the weird and wacky parts of yourself. The jealous one and the angry one, the silly one, the flat out strange one. The one who’s trying to get it right. The one who is afraid she’s doing it wrong. The one who’s happy. Yes. She’s the easiest to love, unless of course she’s being judged for being happy. The part of you who is judging (yourself and others), invite her in with open arms and curiosity. Can you love her the most?

This is it. It’s all there is. Loving all parts of yourself. Welcoming whatever is showing up to help you expand into all that you dream of being and creating. Yes, everything that is showing up is here for you. For you.

You’re being held, guided, adored in ways you cannot fathom.

You are loved. I love you.


P.S. In case you’re in need of a dance party today…

Try Everything

Image by jodi442 from Pixabay

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