Love Letters

Monday Love

Zippity do da…. Hello Love.

It’s Monday again. What a marvelous day to stop and notice… where is the focus of my attention?

Is it on what I want?

Is it on what I fear?

Is it on that stupid stupid stupid thing…. you name it, we all have our stupid things.

Remember… all that you are seeing and thinking is reality is in the past. In fact, these words as soon as you read them, are in the past!

Zip. New moment.

Zip. Here’s another new possibility.

Just like that. All there is, is what we’re creating… with the focus of our attention. And yes, you can change it… just like that.


Now here’s Pro Tip. If the focus of your attention is stuck on that stupid thing, try this easy peasy 3 step tutorial.

Easy Peasy 3 step Tutorial:

  1. Start by naming the stupid thing. Or whatever is so right now. (I like the word stupid. It feels satisfying to name things stupid sometimes.)
  2. Notice what feelings are present when naming that thing.
  3. Welcome that feeling. Smile at it. Take it for a walk. Make it some tea.

THAT’S IT? You’re wondering. Yep. Then check out what happens next.

You see, when we allow our feelings, they can move through. Often into hope, inspiration, joy.

When we deny, push down, hide, judge, ignore, avoid our feelings, that’s resistance. And then they hang around. Sometimes for a long ass time.

Whatever you choose today in this moment, it’s all good. You can’t get it wrong.

I love you. Infinity.

Have a nice day.


Photo by Ilargian Faus from Pexels

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