Love Letters

A little bit of love

Hey boo. Wanna talk about procrastination? Sweeping the cracks in the sidewalk— instead of stepping into the unknown. Worrying about the job you have or don’t have. The job you should leave, or shouldn’t leave or can’t leave. The job that is no longer in line with what’s calling you forward.

Maybe it’s not even about the job. That’s the distraction that keeps you from focusing on, finding time for, creating time for the thing that’s calling you. The exciting, scary thing that may not have much of a shape yet. But needs time and space none the less.

Procrastination = fear. I do it every time I sit down to write. A blank page is filled with the unknown and for me, resistance is what crops up. I now make time for it. There’s noting wrong with sweeping the sidewalk. Just so long as when you’re done, you get back to the thing that’s calling. Eventually.

Today, instead of focusing on my fears of the unknown. Of looking stupid— I’m going to focus on hope.

My hope is that this finds you, moves you, inspires you— to remember who you are. To listen for what’s calling you.

My hope is that the more we remember who we are and inspire, move and remind each other, the more whole we will become, collectively.

My hope is that I’m brave enough to keep showing up and letting myself be seen. To take risks. To have fun doing it. To have the audacity to say life is supposed to be fun, instead of repeating the old life is hard story.

My hope is that you will find out how much fun the work of remembering is.

That’s all for now my love.


Shouting it from the hill tops…. I LOVE YOU!

Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels

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