Love Letters

a little bit of love

Oh baby.

This morning I woke up and was feeling a bit aimless and not ready to get out of bed, so I picked up my phone. A little social. A little news. Nothing rocked my world. (I mean stuff befuddled, saddened and irritated me— but that’s become the norm. A norm that I can function within— a whole other thing— but not where I’m going right now).

Nothing except the little voice in my head that said… you did it wrong.

You did it wrong and THAT is why your life is not as wonderful as it could be.

Dang. That voice is right. I should have gotten up. Meditated. Journaled. Danced. That’s how a good day begins.

Or is it?

Cut to a couple hours later. I went for a walk. Swam (even though the something is wrong voice told me there was no time to swim because I wasted it on my phone this morning…) I swam. And in the water, found myself flooded with thoughts about how wonderful my life is. I live a blessed, creative, fun, abundant life that’s kissed by freedom. That voice— the one that’s always looking for what’s wrong. Is what’s wrong. Me, fighting with myself. Is the only thing that’s wrong. AND even that something wrong voice, can serve as guidance… you know, to do the opposite of what it’s telling you to do.

Nothing wrong going on here.

Meditating, Journaling, moving my body in dance or any which way— is so so good. I love to start my day with one or all. And when I don’t. That’s ok too. It’s all ok.

How freaking generous.

Enough about me. How about you my love? You’re looking rather foxy today, by the way. Distractingly so. Where was I?

Oh yeah, how about you? How are you making yourself wrong today?

I love you. Really really love you. Breathe that in.


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