Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo.

Oh my gosh. I am in my happy place. And I’m noticing the critic, and the judge are present. Often, they are focused inward. Right now, they are focused outward. How is this possible — in my happy place?

Interesting, Right!?!

I’m with family. Maybe that’s it. 🙂 Old habits old conditioning. Bla bla bla…

Honestly, I don’t feel like taking a deep dive into it. Nor do I want to step over it.

The solution? Stay curious. Notice the presence of the critic and the judge. Breathe. Love up on myself. Breathe some more. Trust that it’s ok.

This moment is actually lovely, until I revisit the fact that I don’t know why the judge and critic are here. And that my friends, is the crazy making loop of suffering.

Not revisiting the past over and over is not ignoring or stepping over when I’m noticing. I’m paying attention. I’m curious — but not forcing resolution. This is how I understand allowing. Welcoming. Receiving.

Ok boo. Your turn. any interesting characters populating your head today? Can you welcome them? Get curious? Notice what happens in your body when they’re present?

That’s it. That’s all ya gotta do. Then watch what happens next. That’s what I’m doing. Watching to see what happens next. I’ll report back next week.

Feel free to share in the comments! Your experience may be the healing someone else needs today. YOU MATTER! Your voice. Your experience — is everything. And everything is everything.

I love you!!!! You’re doing a great job.


P.S. This is a Mayfly. The ancestor of this bug evolved on Earth 350 million years ago, way before dinosaurs. They are found in unpolluted aquatic ecosystems — like the MN lake where I spend my summers. (they are pollution sensitive). I’m happy to see them here. Many only live from 2 hours to 2 days. One type of adult female has a lifespan of 5 minutes. Mating appears to be their sole activity. And they’re great for fly fishing. I wonder — are they also here to show us where the clean water is?

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