Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo. Take three deep breaths, feeling the the air as it enters your body, fills your belly, moves to your fingers and toes. Hold it for a moment before a slow, easy exhale. Notice that moment of holding your breath, what do you feel in your body? Where do you feel alive? Are there places that feel numb or asleep? Are your fingers and toes tingling?

Just notice and then release your breath. That’s it. Notice. Welcome everything. Nothing to fix. Nothing to change. No place to get to. Everything is welcome. Everything is ok.

You’re doing it right.

There you are. You’ve just had an experience of allowing.

Repeat as often as needed. To soothe suffering. To expand joy. To just be.

I love you.


P.S. This is me this morning lying on the dock. Watching a half dozen giant dragon flies against the bluest sky. And waiting for the pelican to return. It didn’t. However, this lovely school of minnows swam by. I’ve included a sound track… if you like.

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