Love Letters

a little bit of love

Hey boo. How about, wherever you are whatever is going on, it’s ok to start over with each new breath.

That’s pretty generous, right? Now, and now and now… I (and you) can make a new choice.

Here’s what’s radical about that. Say I acted less skillfully than I would have liked. (Yes, this happened more than once the last few days.) Less skillfully than I know I’m capable of. Less loving than in my heart of hearts I know I am.

I can get twisted up in shame. I can become even more involved in my ego stories. This could last hours or weeks or years— this self beating. I can get so lost in my own shit, that I forget how loving that I know in my heart of hearts I am. And forget about the person this engagement started with. There’s no space for them in this indulgence of self recrimination.

Or, I can acknowledge that I want to do better. Or different, and starting making choices that feel good— and are in alignment with my heart.

Beatings never lead to change. Love, acceptance and generosity are what create the openings that can lead to new choices.

I’m not saying this is easy. Staying with discomfort and vulnerability when in conflict with another. Staying with myself and choosing to court generosity over shame. It takes practice. It takes courage. It requires unconditional acceptance.

Just for fun—for the next 24 hours— I invite you to practice this generosity with yourself. With each new breath, you get to start over. You can’t get it wrong. And you never get it done. Breath by breath, choose and choose again.

Of course if you decide after 24 hours this is the most fun you’ve ever had, feel free to continue.



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