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a little bit of love

Hey boo. How are you? How have you been talking to yourself this week?

And I don’t mean blowing smoke, conjuring words that sound like self love — but don’t land. Don’t meet the parts of you that are showing up, exactly as they are.

Words like you’re doing great. You’re awesome. Things are gonna work out.

When in fact, the part of you showing up feels shitty, and like things are never gonna work out again.

How can you meet that part of yourself? With realness and love?

How about…

Dang, this sucks feeling this way. This is not how you wanted things to go. I see you. I’m with you.


Right now things working out feels impossible. You can remember experiences of things working out. You are open to things working out. AND right now you just can’t see how it’s possible. You’re feeling sad and disappointed.

Reminder: Two things are possible at the same time. Sadness and joy. Hope and disappointment. What feels real right now and what is possible.

You’ll know by the way you feel when you’ve hit the magic words. When you meet yourself where you are, your body will soften and your brain will stop spinning — stop trying to figure everything out.

And, you are awesome. Breathtakingly sublime in fact. Just as you are. Right here. Right now.


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